• IT Leaders Africa Summit
    Africa's Largest CIO Gathering | September 2019
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Attend Africa’s largest CIO event to ensure that you are equipped with the most current IT knowledge

The IT Leaders Africa Summit has been providing IT executives with practical knowledge from industry experts and thought leaders since its inception 8 years ago. With the assistance of an advisory panel of experienced C-level IT executives, the summit encompasses the most current trends concerning translating business strategies into IT functions, as well as cyber security, governance, and disruptive technology. We have recruited the top IT executives in Africa to present on the issues concerning IT leaders in today’s rapidly evolving market to ensure that you are ahead of the curve.


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Africa’s premier CIO gathering will be taking a new step in 2019

Identifying the ROI in IoT

More than half of IoT professionals believe that quantifying and identifying a profitable use case for IoT is more important than the lack of available infrastructure or the need for improved device security. With billions of devices soon to be connected, the push towards IoT won’t be a mandatory one and the organisations that are able to pull the trigger fastest with strategic clarity and a clearly defined ROI map will be the ones to come out on top. This session will look at the diversity of the IoT landscape, how to extract value from the single largest asset that IoT produces - the data – and how to tie this all together in a strategy that maximises the return on investment in what will be a mandatory industry shift


Exploiting the digital convergence driven by IoT

A look at the anatomical deconstruction of the Internet of Things makes clear one very sizable benefit of the technology as a whole – its immense and pervasive reach into society. This reach provides the opportunity to curate incalculable amounts of data from billions of sources simultaneously. The very nature of this structure has triggered a digital convergence of three of the most exciting and innovative technologies at present. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence have the ability to secure this massive system of physical data points whilst artificial Intelligence provides an effective and scalable platform for intelligent interaction and engagement between the billions of devices and the human ecosystem in which it operates. This session will cover the most intriguing opportunities and potential moonshot applications of these three convergent super-technologies


Requested solutions

Featuring leading solution providers offering products such as:

  • Behaviour authentication
  • Behaviour analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud implementation
  • Cyber security

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Data centre management
  • Electronic document delivery
  • Infrastructure
  • Data centre management

  • Infrastructure strategy
  • Active Directory Management
  • Enterprise management & reporting
  • Digitalisation
  • IT performance management




The IT Leaders Africa Summit hosts a number of business opportunities for IT professionals to share ideas.

Meet industry leaders

IT executives spanning all industries across Africa will be presenting and networking at the summit.

Variety of brands

IT Leaders Africa brings a variety of successful brands that will be showcasing how they have enhanced IT in their organisation.

Engage with the latest trends

IT Leaders Africa provides a platform for the sharing of knowledge and engagement with discussion surrounding IT trends.

Interactive workshop sessions

Hear from leading innovators in focused 60 minute workshop sessions. The workshops are scheduled in advance as the topics are marketed made available during the build up to the summit.

Attend the top CIO event in Africa

Align yourself or your organisation with the top innovators across industries.

Extended networking time

IT Leaders Africa 2018 will present you many more opportunities to network with your fellow IT professionals.

Keynotes & Panel Discussions

The summit agenda hosts a number of keynotes and panel discussions presented by carefully selected experts. These sessions provide an opportunity for attendees to hear success and failure stories from IT leaders embedded in the top organisations in Africa.

Business meetings

The IT Leaders Africa Summit provides a space for the sharing of ideas for the promotion of the IT industry in Africa.