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Senior Manager: Security Operations
BCX (ex. CSIR)

Jacobs’ research focuses on developing novel solid-state laser prototypes for military and industrial applications. He is the laser source development platform champion and project leader for laser defence applications. Jacobs leads the laser development team in maturing various solid-state laser technologies and liaises with team members, clients and stakeholders to deliver hardware technology demonstrators according to application requirements.Jacobs’ academic interests are laser physics, laser modelling and design, laser stabilisation and electronic control, and mid-infrared laser sources. Specifically, Jacobs and his team develop thulium and holmium-based lasers, both in bulk and fibre geometries, to operate in the 2 µm wavelength band, as well as optically pumped parametric sources to efficiently down-convert across the mid and far-infrared spectrum. Jacobs recently demonstrated a compact and novel portable multi-spectral laser system which operates in three different spectral regions with high efficiency and high optical output powers.Jacobs has authored several laser modelling software packages including EXAG Beam Propagation, an analytical optical design and optimisation program, and Simulase, a graphical laser simulator based on Matlab Simulink. He is the co-inventor of the Pixelated Gain Laser (patent pending) and the Thermal Lens Control system (patent filing in process).Expertise: Laser modeling and development; Electronics; Laser control; Mid-infrared lasers; Project management; ProgrammingAcademic qualifications: BSc (Mathematical Sciences), University of Stellenbosch, 2002BEng (Electronic Engineering), University of Stellenbosch, 2003Certified Labview Associate Developer


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