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Giovanni is a blockchain strategist, entrepreneur, speaker and ICO specialist. His background is in traditional finance, international business and trading systems. He spent his years in mutual fund sales before moving to implement tactical and strategic solutions for financial institutions. He gained exposure to crypto through trading and seeing the potential of blockchain technology. He is a co-founding team member at, a high-performant trading facility bringing the old financial world and institutional players, though regulation, into the crypto-sphere. Giovanni has advised 15+ Global Start-up’s and ICOs providing unique solutions and improvements to projects: tokenomics, ideation, implementation, networking, business development, subject matter expertise and the commercialization and monetarization of concepts of fintech related products through his Business Strategy Consultancy Firm: . He is an evangelist for block chain technology and its value adding use-cases and sees the next wave of disruptive mass adoption technology emerging from the blockchain start-up scene. He is a top 30 ICOBench Advisor and brings a fresh yet critical perspective to any team.


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